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Global Forum on NCD Prevention and Control
Global Forum on NCD Prevention and Control
Rotating International Visitors' Programme 2003


Venue: Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Centre
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran
Sunday, 5th October 2003

WHO'S global strategy for NCD prevention and control aims at supporting member states in their efforts to reduce the toll of morbidity, disability and premature mortality related to NCDs.
To achieve the above goal, WHO focuses on global partnership and networking, technical support for implementation, research and development of programmes on NCD prevention and control.
WHO'S regional networks on NCD prevention and control were developed as tools for collaboration between active countries, in order to disseminate information, exchange experiences, and support regional and national programmes on NCD prevention.
The aim of rotating international visitors' programmes is to present theory and practice of integrated NCD prevention programmes for participants who were involved in the planning, implementation or evaluation of local or national projects in the field of NCD prevention and health promotion.
The programme featured the experience of ongoing model projects of comprehensive integrated community- based NCD prevention, their background, principles, practical implementation, monitoring, evaluation and results.

Rotating international visitors' programme 2003 hosted by" Isfahan Healthy Heart Programme "on 5 - 9, October, 2003

Isfahan Healthy Heart Programme (IHHP) was launched in 1999 in response to the rapid rise in incidence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and its risk factors in Iran.
There are several effective and successful intervention programmes in developed countries, still the experience in developing countries like Iran is limited, IHHP is a Long-term community project for improvement of health through changing the lifestyle, reduction of non-communicable disease (NCD) risk factors and thereby NCD morbidity and mortality. The course made the visitors familiar with the activities and experience of IHHP and also with other international experiences from developed or developing countries as well. This took place through lectures, discussions and field visits.


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Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
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