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Clinical Laboratory آزمايشگاه کلينيکی



تاريخ تاسيس: 1375

مسئول فعلي واحد: دكترغلامعلي نادري

تحصيلات:  PhDبيوشيمي باليني

مدت زمان مسئوليت :7سال

   naderi32@yahoo.com Email



آقاي مجتبي خانمحمدي-كاردان علوم آزمايشگاهي

آقاي احمد رضاپهلواني- كاردان علوم آزمايشگاهي

آقاي حسين اتحادي –زير ديپلم

خانم نرگس زارع-ديپلم

آقاي محمد باقر حچارزاده 



از سال 75 كه بخش آزمايشگاه شروع به كاركردوآزمايشات بيماران وطرح هاي تحقيقاتي مختلف برروي بيماريهاي قلبي وعروقي وديابت وساير بيماريها انجام گرديد در انجام طرحها وپايان نامه به صورت فعال شركت داشته ايم.


 اعضاء قبلي:

آقاي حسين ثمريان  فوق ليسانس بيوشيمي،نهله كعبي كاردان علوم آزمايشگاهي



انجام آزمايشات روتين(FBS,HDL,LDL,Cho,CBC,ALP,GOT.GPT.BUN,…. طرحهاو بيماران مراجعه كننده به مركز  

امكانات و تجهيزات: (  تعداد رايانه 1 عدد،  تجهيزات آزمايشگاه:دستگاه الايزا،اسپكتروفتومتر ،HPLC،سانتريفوژ  ،فليم فتومتر،Cellcounter Sysmex،اتوانالايزرElan،فريزر70 – فريزر20 -،الكتروفورز،كروماتوگرافي)


A- The completed research plans:

1- The amount and source of dietary fat, carbohydrate, cholesterol and protein intakes in Isfahan population, (1993).

•Plan performer: Mr. A. Jalali    

02- The prevalence of coronary heart disease risk factors among children aged 2-14 years of parents with myocardial infarction in comparison to the control group, (1993).

* Plan performer: Dr. M. Hashemipoor

3-The prevalence of hyperlipidemia and obesity in people aged 19-70 years in Isfahan city, (1993).

* Plan performer:  Mrs. S. Mirlohian

4-The pathologic and anatomic parameters of aorta and coronary arteries in died people of Isfahan aged 15-50 years referred to Fornesic Medicine Department in Isfahan, (1993).

* Plan performer: Dr. I. Isfandiari

5-The prevalence of hyperlipidemia, hypertension and obesity and the percentiles of serum lipids, blood pressure, height and weight in 6-18 years old students in Isfahan city, (1994).

* Plan performer: Dr. M. Hashemipoor

6-The changes in CPK-MB isoenzyme, fibrinogen and magnesium in patients with

myocardial infarction and its relation with the first year complications, (1994).

* Plan performer: Dr. N. Sarraf-Zadegan

7-The prevalence of smoking in adolescents aged 14-18 in Isfahan by using biochemical analysis, (1996).

* Plan performer: Miss. F. Tafazoli

8-The relationship between prevalence of coronary artery diseases and serum vitamin D level in women carpet weavers and comparing it with control group, (1997).

•Plan perfromer: Mrs. M. Boshtam

9- The effect of estrogen on endothelial permeability, pathologic changes of aorta and coronary arteries, direct blood pressure, plasma lipids and lipoproteins in animals fed high cholesterol diet, (1996).

* Plan performer: Dr. M. Nematbakhsh

10-Developing a quick method for measuring  glycosylated hemoglobin and some other glycosylated proteins by flourometric method, (1997).

11-Considering the comparison of serum lipid profiles and fasting blood sugar levels between two groups of sport men performed in traditional and aerobic exercises, (1997).

* Plan performer: Dr. J. Najafian

12-The effect of consuming Brewer's Yeast and Oat Bran on the serum lipids levels in men with moderate hypercholesterolemia, (1998).

* Plan performer: A. Jalali

13-The comparison of five nutrition educational methods to decrease serum lipids in children, (1997).

* Plan performer: Dr. R. Kelishadi

14-Effect of antioxidan vitamin on diabetes mellitus and mild hypertension, (1998).

* Plan performer: M. Boshtam

15-Comparison of antioxidant effects of two kinds of hormone replacement therapies in postmenopausal women, (1998).

* Plan performer: Dr. A Pourshams

16- Mean values of new risk factors (homeocystein, fibrinogen, lipoprotein -a, and factor VII) in Isfahan population in 1998-1999, (1998).

* Plan performer: Dr. N. Sarraf-Zadegan

17- The incidence and mortality rate of coronary artery disease in Isfahan population, (1999)

* Plan performer: Dr. N. Saraf-Zadegan

18- Considering the effect of fasting in Ramadan on biochemical indices and coagulation factors, (1997).

* Plan performer: Dr. N. Sarraf-Zadegan

19- The association of 24-hour urinary electrolytes excretion with blood pressure in people 20-60 years of age in Isfahan city, (1997).

* Plan performer: Dr. Mr. M. Rafiei

20- Assessment of oxidized LDL metabolites in children aged 6-18 with high family risk for premature cardiovascular disease in comparison with the control group, (2000).

* Plan performer: Dr. R. Kelishadi

21-Effect of fasting in Ramadan on lipid peroxidation and its relation with serum lipoprotein and fasting blood sugar, (1999) and after fasting.

* Plan performer: Dr. A. Aghaei

22- Comparison of serum lipid hydroperoxide and antioxidant capacity per and post depression, (1999).

* Plan performer: Dr. H. Mirzaiei

23- Comparison of the level of anticardiolipin antibody in premature myocardial infarction high risk families' children aged 12-19 and the control group, (1999)

* Plan performer: Dr. R. Kelishadi

24-Serum insulin and Lp(a) levels, left ventricular mass and hypertension in smokers compared to non-smokers, (1998).

* Plan performer: Dr. N. Sarraf-Zadegan

25- Comparison of Cu2+ and Zn2+ concentrations between premature myocardial infarction affected parents' children and control group, (1999).

* Plan performer: Dr. R. Kelishadi

26- The effect of hormone replacement therapy on the blood level of coagulation factors,  (1999).

* Plan performer: Dr. A. Poorshams

27- Studying antioxidant activity of captoril  by measuring lipid hydroperoxide, conjugated diene and antioxidant capacity before and after treatment of hypertension patients or heart failure, (1999)

28- Comparison the different methods in controlling child hood obesity, (1999).

* Plan performer: Dr. M. Hashemipoor

29- Compable studying of serum level of CRP and Acid Uric in Active and passive smoker with non-smoker, (2000).

* plan performer. Dr. M. Shahparian, M. Boshtam.

30- Relationship between of helicobacter pillory and citomegalonios  and keamidia with the Cardiovascular risk factor, (2001).

* Plan performer: Dr. N. Sarraf-Zadegan.

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مركزتحقيقات ديابت ،مركز تحقيقات پوست آزمايشگاه  Leuven بلژيك

مشاورين علمي:

پروفسوركسترلوت: رييس آزمايشگاه  Leuven بلژيك

سرويس آزمايشگاه:

(نوع آزمايشات )

انجام آزمايشات روتين(FBS,HDL,LDL,Cho,CBC,ALP,GOT.GPT.BUN,…. طرحهاو بيماران مراجعه كننده به مركز 


شركت نفت،بانك ملي ، بانك صادرات،بانك تجارات،تأمين اجتماعي ،خدمات درماني ،ارتش،روستائي ،كميته امداد

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تجهيزآزمايشگاه با  دستگاههاي مجهز

همكاري در طرحهاي ملي :همكاري با طرح IHHP


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